Choosing a coach

How does one begin to choose which coach you want to work with? After all, you will be sharing much about yourself with this person so where do you begin and how can you tell who will be the best person to help you on your journey?

Unleash Your Potential

Unleash Your Potential

While trained coaches can work with any individual or group and facilitate the acceleration of high performance behaviours, choosing your coach is a personal choice.  If your company is offering you the services of a coach, perhaps ask them for a choice of coaches that you can meet and interview.  You can request to view their CV or profile and chat to them about their life experience and their coaching philosophy or methodology.

You want to work with someone you are comfortable with, someone that challenges you, someone you “connect” with on some level.

The coach’s roleis to engage the coachee in meaningful conversation that leads to new possibilities, resolutions and insights.  They provide objective assessment and observation that enhances self awareness and awareness of others.  Through present listening they gauge a full understanding of the person or teams circumstances and act as a sounding board.  This elicits possibility thinking, planning and decision making.  They are able to champion opportunities and potential by encouraging, challenging and stretching the coachee’s strengths and objectives.  Through coaching the coachee is able to see fresh perspectives as the coach challenges blind spots and illuminates new possibilities providing a safe realm of support for the creation of alternative solutions.

Good coach’s exhibit a high level of confidentiality and integrity and you need to feel you can trust them when you engage with them.  They are non-judging and draw out rather than ‘put in’.  They keep you moving forward while helping you uncover obstacles that prevent you from obtaining your desired outcomes.

It is also imperative that the coach you choose on your journey is a member of a professional coaching organisation and abides by a recognised Code of Ethics.  In South Africa, coaches are members of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) Visit for a listing of coaches in your area.

All the best choosing your partner in Unleashing Your Potential!

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