Why coaching works…

“You get the best effort from others, not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”Bob Nelson

  • * Coaching draws out rather than puts in.
  • * It develops rather than imposes.
  • * It reflects rather than directs.
  • * It delivers results!

Through active listening & powerful questioning the coach is able to draw out solutions that the coachee may not have considered before.  The coachee finds the answers themselves without having information ‘force-fed’.

Coaching is reactive, flexible and enabling rather than prescriptive or instructional.  It’s non-judgemental, not judgemental.  Coaching creates congruency between goals and personal values thus it removes conflicts ensuring a more balanced lifestyle.

Coaches are upbeat and positive and those that have experienced working with a coach can tell you they leave their sessions motivated and inspired.  Coaches keep their coachees moving forward, they keep the momentum going and it all comes down to physics … (the one bit I do remember from school)… It’s easier to move when you are already moving!  This always makes me think of my first 2nd hand car that regularly stopped running.  When I had to push start it, it took all my effort, but once I got the wheels turning it was quick to get it going again.

It helps people develop and grow in a variety of areas in many aspects of their lives, not just their careers. It’s a unique development, using proven methodologies that are tailored made just for you.  And in this way you begin your journey to Unleash Your Potential!

There are many different types of coaches that may be suitable to your needs.

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I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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