What’s your purpose

I attended an InterNations networking event in Cape Town this week.  I’m pretty new to attending these types of meetings but what I noticed is that we all asked, “What business are you in?” Afterall, the intention of InterNations is connect global minds and for them to network and share business opportunities.

Then I met Lelemba, a beautiful lady from Zambia who responded, “I make woman beautiful!”

And I thought, wow… she is living her purpose.  Instead of saying I’m a Beautician, she is stating how she expresses her purpose through her career.

This got me thinking about my life purpose which is written as a paragraph and I thought how could I sum it up to share with people what it is in a dyamic statement like Lelemba’s?

Our purpose should be “Who we are to be and not what we are to do”

So now when people ask me what it is I do, I respond,

“I guide people to unleash their potential!”

Are you seeking your purpose?  One of my workshops “Bee You” helps people uncover their true purpose and find their authentic selves.  It’s a journey of self discovery that is fun and creative.

If you would like to know more about Bee You, click the link to download a brochure.

Click here for more info on InterNations

About Camilla

I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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