Be quiet little Voice

I’ve had an awesome day today, for many reasons but the one I wanted to share, was a breakthrough I discovered about myself.

The Background

I received an email from a writer who had been on my website and mailed me about an article they were writing and asked if I’d be able to add input.  We arranged the call time and I was merrily excited to be adding value, when she gave me a little background and asked for my “expert” advice.

The Event

At the mention of the word ‘expert’ all thoughts left my head as I fumbled to find them! Hellooooo! Help!

Say what?

“Yes”, the little voice in my head mocked me, “She’s looking for an expert.”

Felt like a blubbering idiot as I had a two part conversation with the writer and quieting Him, (who shall not be named), while trying to say what I wanted to say in the most succinct fashion.

She seemed happy and grateful for my contribution and said she would send me a copy of the article once she was done.  Whew!

So perhaps I did manage to say what I wanted to say? Perhaps it was just jumbled in my head?

The Post-Call Reflection

“Why did I feel like that?” “Where did that blubbering come from?”

Could this just be my own perception? Have I not considered that over time I’ve become an expert at what I do?

And then it dawned on me.  My little mocking voice was showing me a limiting belief I had about myself.  “Had” not “have”, as now that I recognise it, it’s the last time I let it talk to me like that again.

I grew up with “Children should be seen and not heard”.  How many of you have heard that?  Our opinions didn’t count.  As an adult I’ve overcome many of my preconceptions surrounding providing my opinion and I’ll share them freely now.

But an expert?  Hell yes I am!  I am helping others unleash their potential and I’m definitely an expert at that!

What a breakthrough!

I have new evidence for myself that my expert opinion counts.  In fact, I gave myself permission to acknowledge all the other evidence I have that proves I’m an expert at many things.  So to the little Voice in my head… your throne is once again usurped!

About Camilla

I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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4 Responses to Be quiet little Voice

  1. Nick Armstrong says:

    Well done Camilla! I love reading your posts – as each one is it’s own chapter – chapter and verse ‘documenting’ your own voyage of self-discovery and self-enlightenment – upon your path to a higher understanding and wisdom.

    It’s fantastic to see you ‘coming of wisdom’ – and through such gaining an absolute sense of self-purpose and confidence.

    It’s so true what you say about that ‘little voice’ – and how it inhibits us from becoming all that we can be – by focussing on the negative. A ‘trait’ that is common in the human condition – from how we are brought up and ‘told so’ by parents, schooling, religion, society and its ‘laws’ – to those limiting beliefs that we then accept as our ‘truth’. Quiten that voice – dispel those ‘beliefs’ – and believe in oneself – not to the detriment/expense of others – but in the magnificence that resides in each and every one of us – waiting to be released, waiting to flourish with infinite potential. This is how we create our reality anew.


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  3. Emmi Nicholl says:

    What a powerful read. I know that feeling very well and it is lovely to see somebody who is brave enough to articulate it and even more significantly, overcome it.

    We are all experts in some things and just plain good at other things.

    The big question that many of us face is whether to focus on developing those strengths and becoming masters at the good stuff, or whether to accept our strengths and spend our energy on developing the weaker points to become more rounded individuals. Hmmm… dilemma.

    In my humble view, both arguments have merit and I know that much literature has been published about both sides of the coin. I would love to hear your view.

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