Recognise Limiting beliefs (& lose weight)

Can a leopard change its spots?

Can you teach an ol’ dog new tricks?

Growing up, like most people we heard that, No, you can’t do either. 

Perfect examples of limiting beliefs! Eons of cliché conditioning.

If we believe we can’t do something it becomes true for us.  This reminded me of  the Indian Elephant handlers and how they manage to ‘handle’ 2-3 ton adults.



Thick ropes are tied to baby elephants legs and fastened to a wooden pole.  When the calf tries to break free it realises it can’t.  After several attempts they give up, believing that this is the way it is meant to be.  By adulthood, the Elephant believes that having a rope, no matter how flimsy, around its leg means it cannot break free.  In this way the handlers are able to manage them. 

It is much the same for you and me.  Most of our beliefs were instilled in us long before we thought to question them.

So how do we recognise our own limiting beliefs?

Look at your results!

I’ve always battled with my weight.  More to the point, I’ve always told myself I’ve battled with my weight.  And this self-talk has merely created a belief  that results in me battling to lose weight.  After chemo and copious amounts of cortisone, I ballooned to over a hundred kilo’s.  And I kept telling myself how difficult it would be to lose the weight (note the negative self talk again!). I tried affirmations, saying “I am thin” and guess what?

That darling little voice in my head yelled, “Ha Ha Ha, yeah right!  What’s planet did you fly in from?”

See… A limiting belief right there!

That little voice in our head, shows us our limiting beliefs all the time.  When we feel uncomfortable with our statements  (or thoughts) it shows us  a lack of congruence between what we are telling ourselves vs what we believe about ourselves.

That was then.

I’ve lost 22 kilo’s , make that 48.4 pounds now!  Using various tools, including affirmations I know and believe that it is easy to do. 

Having a better-quality belief that serves the result I desire ensures that I find new evidence to support my new belief.  This stops self-sabotaging behaviour in its tracks, and I have a renewed willpower that supports my goal.

Replace beliefs that do not serve you and obtain the results you desire. And deserve!

Tips to overcome limiting beliefs

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I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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