Which wealth profile are you?

I was fortunate enough to come across Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics work about 2 years ago and since discovering my wealth profile I’ve found it easier to get into my flow to help me reach my dreams and journey towards my path to financial freedom.  Remember, wealth is not just money. In fact, Roger says that the best definition of wealth is what we have left when all our money is gone”. That’s right, it’s our knowledge, our networks, our experience, our skills, our natural talents and everything else that we have that makes us truly wealthy.

Just think of Donald Trump, he lost all his money but he built his business empire up again.  This is true wealth.  He used his knowledge, skills, talents, experience, networks , passion etc and is once again financially free.

Have a look at the video of Roger explaining the 8 different profiles – they are just 8 and they can be applied to any industry.  In fact, we all have a little of each of them inside of us – you could put yourself in the middle of his model, but you will find that when you know your primary profile you ‘Get into your flow’.  This is the easiest path for you.

I am a creator.  I’m the person that sees things differently.  Always with an  idea of some sort – some of them great.  A big dreamer, head in the clouds type of person.  And I’m pretty crap at finishing things, which is why when I have all my idea’s it is so important for me to share them with people I trust.  I need people around me in my team to help me realise some of them.  I also have quite strong Mechanic and Star with a small amount of Deal Maker  in my profile too, however, I’m primarily a CREATOR!

So how does this help me in what I do?

Well, in my business I create workshops and training material for myself and clients.  I create idea’s, I create my blog posts, I create articles,  I create desire, I create e-books, I create presentations, I create an environment where others feel safe to open up to me, I create solutions where others see none.

When I’m creating, I’m in my flow. Time passes and before I know it hours have passed.  When I’m in my flow, I don’t feel like I’m working as I am loving what I’m doing.

When you know your profile and ‘Get into your flow’ you will notice how work becomes play – and who doesn’t love to be paid to play?

“Get paid to play”

Of course there are time’s when my work requires me to do other tasks that come more naturally to other profiles and I manage some of these: Mechanic – the process/logistics I need, Star – presenting, facilitating, training & speaking, Deal Maker – influencing, however, these require a little more effort from me.

The remainder of the profiles for me in varying degree’s may cause some stress for me in my daily work.  I can do them, but they do not come naturally. e.g. Trader – these folk are great at timing.  They know the markets intuitively like buying low and selling high.  My head is so in the clouds with idea’s that I will stay in ‘La la land’ instead of launching my service at the right time.

When you know your profile you can also find team members that can support you.  For me as a Creator, once I have my offering, I can have a mechanic in flow to sort out the logistics, a star in flow to shine its light on my offering, a supporter to lead the team, a deal maker to broker the deals, a trader to launch when the time is right, an accumulator for my customer retention and a lord to look after my cashflow.

Getting my profile done was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.

Contact me if you’d like to know how you can get your profile done.

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I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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