7 tips for reaching your dream goal

7 tips for reaching your dream goal

Aries are supposedly competitive – ‘Bah humbug! I’m not!” or so I thought. On reflection I just don’t do anything I’m not good at. Is that just me not competing with my own competitive self for fear of failing and having my ego say “I told you so?”

I think my ego is bigger than I give it credit for. It rules me unconsciously and since my journey of self-discovery began about 5 years back I’ve learnt more and more about it. It’s the little voice in my head – the one we all have. Sometimes it makes me think something, and sometimes it makes me do something but mostly it prefers aversion tactics. It’s the latter that I need concern myself with as this non-action prevents me from moving forward.

I’m a novice writer and yet one of my Big Sexy Bodacious Goals is to have a published book – but it’s not just a published book that I want. I want my book to change lives everywhere. I see it as my legacy to my daughter and the world.

But have I started this life changing book? No.

Have I attended a writing class? No.

What have I done in taking steps towards this goal of mine other than just think about it? Not as much as I would like. How am I to reach my dream if the little Voice in my head keeps me procrastinating on my dream?

Although, I must mention that it has been at the forefront of my mind recently, and in writing my previous post on Wealth Profiles I had an epiphany: “I am a creator, and I need to be writing more.”

On top of this, I have been meeting writers lately. Not only writers, but writers that have self published and writers that took a leap of faith to follow their dreams. Amazing how the universe brings us teachers and shows us the way. I’m so grateful I was able to see the messages. In today’s age, there is no reason for me to be rejected by a publisher as I can do it all myself. There is no longer a reason to have anyone else limit my dream. I’m the only one that stands between me and my dream.

“If you want to limit yourself that’s fine, just don’t let anyone else do it for you.”

I met some inspirational women this weekend. Mandy de Waal gave the introductory talk at the blogging workshop I attended at 24.com and Sam Wilson, the Über cool Editor of Women24.com. Mandy spent 20 years in a career that she was super good at, but did not enjoy. Sam said she spent 7 odd years as a lawyer before realising that what she really wanted to be doing was writing. And both of them have done it and have become super successful at it. As I mentioned, inspirational to me.

So here are my 7 steps for realising a dream goal:

1. Write it down!

2. Visualise it.

3. Overcome limiting beliefs.

4. Affirm it.

5. Share it.

6. Take action.

7. Get a mentor/coach

1 Write it down

I have not only written it down for me. I have blogged about it now. So I’ve put it out to wider community that this is what I want to do. Writing crystalises thought. When we write something down we make more connections to the idea.

“Writing crystalises thought.”

2 Visualise it (and re-programme)

In the visualisation you need to imagine the goal already achieved. Ask yourself, “How will I know I have it?” “What does your success look like?” Use all your senses when you do your visualization. Visual – what do you see. Auditory – what do you hear. Kinesthetic – what do you feel/touch (both physically & emotionally), Gustatory – what can you taste, Olfactory – what can you smell.

Once you have your ‘story’ (your visualization) – imagine it every day. For at least 21 days. Then let it go and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that come your way that will support you on your journey (see step 6). I’ve done this successfully with other goals.

So I have a picture in my mind of the cover of my book, with 5 million copies sold in a badge on the cover. In my visualization I see myself being honoured at an event. I can see everything about the event with posters of my book decorating the stage. I can hear the congratulations, feel the pride, excitement, anticipation, touch the satin dress I’m wearing, taste the champagne, feel the bubbles on my tongue, smell perfume of the people congratulating and hugging me. This is just a snapshot of my visualisation but you get the idea.

Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined so this is a powerful technique.”

3 Overcome limiting beliefs

Look for evidence that your belief is unfounded. Look for evidence where you have successfully done it before, or where others or your mentors have done it. Then affirm the evidence with a new belief. “Replace the limiting belief with a belief that you do want.”

4 Affirm it

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

“I am a successful published writer.” “My books are sought out and available all over the world.” “I write stories others want to read.” “Writing comes easily to me”.

Affirmations are a powerful message to your unconscious mind. They can be used to replace your limiting beliefs. If I kept thinking “No-one wants to read my work.” No-one would. If I say and think the affirmations above I am giving my ego new beliefs to react to. Ones that I choose to support my goal.

5 Share it

“Turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.”

When we share our dreams we take the chance that others will poo poo our ideas and shoot them down. I know that when I mentioned to my mum that I wanted to write she said, “Do you know how difficult it is for writers in South Africa?” This is her limiting belief. And there is a chance that I had this belief too. In fact, years ago I tried to get a children’s story I had written published, the publishers told me, “No matter how good your story is, we are not interested. We only publish one children’s title a year from a known author.”

Aren’t I glad I live in the age of information and I can self-publish – it’s all a few clicks away on the internet!

Sharing your dream with someone you trust can be good. They play the devil’s advocate and their objections to the idea will give you feedback on potential stumbling blocks you could face en route to your dream. Once you have these stumbling blocks, however, you can plan for them and turn them into stepping-stones.

6 Take Action

Once you’ve been doing your visualisation you will notice many more opportunities available to you. Just like when you are thinking of buying a new silver Golf, suddenly you notice every other car is a silver Golf. Or if you or a friend is pregnant, you notice how many others are pregnant too. That car, those pregnant ladies were always there, but now they are within your consciousness you notice them. It is the same with your visualised dream – You are far more aware of the opportunities that support you towards this dream. Action could be making a phone call, researching on the internet, meeting people who can help, or taking a course. Or in my case, actually starting to write!

“The Law of Attraction works best when we take Action towards our goal. The more action we take, the more we attract, the more we attract, the more action we take. This causes traction that moves us towards our goal.”

7 Get a Mentor and or coach

Who is already doing what you want to be doing? Can they be your mentor? Ask them. What do you do if you want to mentor someone who lives far away or someone you don’t know? You can mentor them from afar. You can research them on the internet, read books or articles written by them or about them. They don’t necessarily need to be someone you meet with regularly, but someone you can learn from. With technology you can use Skype to connect with them, join their social or business networks, read their blogs… etc There are many ways to learn from others that are already doing what you want to be doing.

Getting a coach is another way to help you reach your goals. Coaches help coachees move from where they are now to where they want to be.

“They champion your dreams, help you overcome obstacles and keep you moving forward to your goals.”

© 2009 Camilla Hazell

About Camilla

I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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8 Responses to 7 tips for reaching your dream goal

  1. Hi Camilla,

    I ADORE your writing! There is a wonderful flow in your ideas and you explain your process beautifully. I am bookmarking this page so I can come back and re-read it when I need a boost!

    I hope you will let us know how we can buy your book!

    Celebrating Love By Seeing It Everywhere,

  2. Nicky Read says:

    Wow, had I known earlier you were such an uplifting writer, I would’ve hounded you more often. Thank you for touching me with your writing!!!

    Look forward to more…. x

  3. Sam Wilson says:

    Me? Aw, shucks.

    I would add though that it can be limiting to set yourself goals so large that they become a little mind-boggling. The very first thing I ever wrote was a piece for a health magazine on – wait for it – How to Brush Your Teeth. The best bit? I was VERY proud of it.

    If you goals are achievable and bite-sized, happiness happens a lot. And that’s its own success.


  4. Camilla says:

    Thanks for the awesome feedback guys!

  5. Liara Covert says:

    Thanks for sharing your views about this process. Dialogue helps everyone realize they have power to help themselves.

  6. You have explained it beautifully, that I myself is quite amazed. It helps people realize that through their own efforts they could conquer the negative part of their personality and change it to become a better individual and motivate themselves in achieving their dream!

    I enjoyed reading it…

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