Defining You – a challenge


My Kidlet had to do an oral for school where she had to choose 8 pieces of evidence to describe herself.  Quite an interesting challenge.

So I thought to myself, what would I choose for myself?  I’m so much more that 8 things.  I’m the usual labels that we give ourselves: Mother, Daughter, Partner, Friend, Colleague, Manager etc  But these are labels and don’t really describe what is the essence of me.

So here’s my challenge to you…. even though we are more than just 8 things, find 8 pieces of evidence that mean something to you today and share them in the comments or on your own blog.  If you blog it, please put the link in the comments so I can read/see yours.

I’m going to share mine with pictures….


I'm a survivor and resilient



I'm wise & grow wiser daily


I'm intuitive and connected


I'm creative and a little out-the-box


Blogger, writer, prone to TMI


I err on the side of eccentric, lots of whacky in me

fairy godmother

I love to help others, often unsolicited


I'm a nuturer & likely to hug you

Best me

I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly me!

Shoo wee, choosing just 8 was harder than I thought.  So I had to add one more!

So your challenge is set….

Jot your list in the comments or…
if you are a blogger yourself, blog it and come back and post a link in the comments.
I’m looking forward to seeing the essence of you too.

About Camilla

I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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1 Response to Defining You – a challenge

  1. candice says:

    I loved your list, as I loved Tash’s. Has made me think quite a bit on what I would put on my list. Thought provoking stuff!

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