Your Inner Castle

How many parts of yourself have you lost along the way?  And when I say lost, I mean shut out/shut down?  How many parts of you have you not explored because ‘somebody’ said you couldn’t do something?  How many parts of you have you not discovered because of fears and doubts you listened to growing up?  It’s time to begin exploring your inner castle again.

Your Inner Castle

Imagine being a wonderful castle with long hallways and thousands of rooms. Each room in the castle is perfect and possesses a special gift.  Each room represents a different aspect of yourself and an integral part of the entire perfect castle.

As a child, you explore every part of your castle, without shame or judgement.  Fearlessly you search every room for its jewels and its mystery.  Lovingly you embrace every room, whether it is a closet, bedroom, bathroom or cellar.  Each and every room is unique.  Your castle is full of light, love and wonder.

Then one day, someone came to your castle and told you that one of your rooms were imperfect, that surely it didn’t belong in your castle.  They suggested that if you wanted a perfect castle you should close and lock the door to this room.  Since you wanted love and acceptance, you quickly closed off this room.  As time went by more and more people came to your castle, they all gave you their opinions of the rooms they like and the ones they didn’t.  And slowly you shut one door after another.  Your marvellous rooms were being closed off, taken out of the light and put into the dark…… A cycle had begun.

Then you closed more and more rooms for all kinds of reasons.  You closed doors because you were afraid, or thought the rooms were too bold.  You closed rooms that were too conservative.  You closed doors because other castles you saw did not have a room like yours.  You closed doors because your religious leaders told you to stay way from certain rooms.  You closed any door that did not fit into society’s standards or you own ideal.  The days were gone when your castle seemed endless and your future exciting and bright.

You no longer cared for each room with the same love and admiration.  Rooms you were once proud of, you willed to disappear.  You tried to figure ways to get rid of these rooms, but they were part of the structure of your castle.  Now that you had shut the door to whatever room you didn’t like, time went by until one day you just forgot that room altogether.  At first, you didn’t realize what you were doing.  It just became a habit.  Shutting the rooms actually started to make you feel safe.  Soon you found yourself living in just a few small rooms.  You had learnt how to shut off life and became comfortable doing it.  Many of us also lock away so many rooms that we forgot we were ever a castle.  We began to believe we were just a small, two bedroom house in need of repairs.

Each room is an essential part of the structure and each room has an opposite somewhere in your castle.

The Castle is just a metaphor to help you grasp the enormity of who you are.

We each possess this sacred place inside ourselves.  It is easily accessed if we are ready and willing to see the totality of who we are.

Most of us are scared of what we will find behind the doors to these rooms.  But if you truly desire to change the direction of your life you must go into your castle and slowly open each door.

You must explore your internal universe and take back all that you’ve disowned.

Only in the presence of your entire self, can you appreciate your magnificence and enjoy the totality and uniqueness of your life.

Forget the critics.  Have pride in yourself, and quietly, give thanks for who you truly are.

Source: Unknown (I received this wonderful analogy via email and the sender did not know the source either. If you know the author, please let me know.)

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About Camilla

I once was a caterpillar but when I grew up I found I had the most beautiful wings.
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2 Responses to Your Inner Castle

  1. JessV says:

    Yay, glad I found your ‘other’ blog! Thanks so much for popping in on mine, appreciate it lots! xx

  2. Camilla says:

    Thanks Jess, I only share on this one from time to time when I find inspiring stories. Before I rejoined the corporate world I was on here writing much more. In time I hope to share more regularly here too.

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