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7 tips for reaching your dream goal

7 tips for reaching your dream goal Aries are supposedly competitive – ‘Bah humbug! I’m not!” or so I thought. On reflection I just don’t do anything I’m not good at. Is that just me not competing with my own … Continue reading

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Head vs Heart – do I have what it takes to keep going?

Do you know how many attempts Edison had at the electric light bulb?  I had heard it was 10 000 attempts and while checking this fact, I came across this: After struggling to develop a viable electric light-bulb for months … Continue reading

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Attraction: Attract, Action, Traction

As long as you are moving forward, you are going the right way. Some days need baby steps, other days leaps of faith. The most important thing to know is that doing something about your dreams is more powerful than … Continue reading

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What’s playing in the theatre of your mind?

You are what you think.  What do you think about? About 50 years ago, Earl Nightingale recorded a personal development audio that went on to achieve record sales.  Mark Victor Hansen, (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) has an mp3 … Continue reading

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Are you living your dream or bumbling along with someone else’s plan?

Intuitively we sense what we need to do.  Follow the path of the dream that feels right.  Design a life path, a purpose that is yours, the universe is listening. Chances are if you fail to dream, you’ll be following … Continue reading

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Obama. Yes we can

“Yes we can Obama!” Awesome audio clip played on KFM breakfast this morning. A parody song for Barack Obama based on Los Lobos’ song LaBamba.  Not sure how long the clip will be available so take a listen …. http://www.kfm.co.za/index.asp Scroll down … Continue reading

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Recognise Limiting beliefs (& lose weight)

Can a leopard change its spots? Can you teach an ol’ dog new tricks? Growing up, like most people we heard that, No, you can’t do either.  Perfect examples of limiting beliefs! Eons of cliché conditioning. If we believe we … Continue reading

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Survey – What are your top 5 job motivators?

Do you know what motivates you?  This is an interesting excercise to do for yourself.  Many people think they work for money and of course we do, however, money is not always our top motivator.  Would you work for a … Continue reading

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Should you consider coaching

“The strongest force is the rapid and accelerating rate of change occurring in most people’s business and personal lives.” Business is evolving and we are fast moving from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy.  Essentially this means that people … Continue reading

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Why coaching works…

“You get the best effort from others, not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.” – Bob Nelson Coaching draws out rather than puts in. It develops rather than imposes. It reflects rather than directs. … Continue reading

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