About Camilla


I’ve found my purpose and I’m living it! I’m unleashing potential – mine and others.  I’m passionate about developing and empowering people, continual learning, my family, writing and being creative.  I currently express my passions and purpose through coaching, workshops and facilitating  so that we can all be the best we can be.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age but I’m happy to say that I’ve been cancer free for almost 7 years now. Cancer was an amazing teacher as I began a journey of self discovery that lead me on a path to discover who I truly am.  It made me realise that life is here to be lived!  I’ve also realised that I am a creator and I love writing.  I’ve got a few idea’s for books that I’m working on.  One is a series for kids – Honey Kids – stories to help kids with self-esteem & confidence.  The other is to take my Unleash Your Potential & Be(e) You workshop and convert it into a guided self-discovery for others wanting to find their own authentic purpose.  These are the lessons I’ve learnt on my journey explained as a metaphor to the little honeybee.

I believe it is my legacy and my privilege to help others overcome obstacles, observe opportunities and obtain outcomes.  I want to share the simple tools that helped me on my journey to living my purpose.”


4 Responses to About Camilla

  1. Ruth Musaba says:

    I need education on Realise your dream now

  2. Ivan M. says:

    Beautiful Story and beautiful life purpose

  3. Hi Camilla. This is wonderful what you are doing. I would love to touch base with you some time.
    “Bee” well!
    Kim Clarke-Mcleod

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