Honey Kids

Why Honey Kids

Honey is the purest thing on earth.  In fact, they found honey in one of the Egyptian King’s tombs that was dated 3000 years old and it was still edible!  It never deteriorates.

And to me, our children are pure souls.  They are born to this world to grow and learn and for us to learn from them.  They come out screaming, demanding love, food, shelter and comfort.  They cry and we react to them.  They know what they want and they demand it.  Yet, somehow as they grow, depending on their experiences they gain a different expectation, their perception shifts.

My aim is to help them find their inner authenticity again.  To know that they are special and to celebrate their uniqueness.  To trust and be confident in their world so that they can be all they can be.

Honey has amazing healing properties too.  It is an amazing antiseptic.  If you run out of the usual over the counter creams, put honey on the wound.  It thick stickiness keeps the air/germs out and the antiseptic properties heal the would.  It’s also wonderful for kids with allergies.  If your child suffers from pollen born allergies try to find honey from an apiary near you as the bees are likely to collect the pollens from the blossoms in the area and the honey will have traces of those pollens.  By eating the honey, your child will start to build a natural resistance to the allergens and the body deals with these better when ingested rather than inhaled.  There are many other healing properties from propolis too and the stings are used to treat people with auto immune diseases!

Our children benefit from ‘healing’. Healing in the sense that they are confronted with life as we know it today.  A life where in most circumstances both parents work or are single families, a life where we are always vigilant of the crime around us, of our own financial issues, of conflict, of pressures at school, of growing up too quickly through exposure to the media. They face issues that many of us parents didn’t face as kids.

I remember growing up in Hout Bay and being allowed to go to the beach, walk to the neighbours, cycle across the valley to friends with no fear for our safety.  In today’s world, we have many fears for our children’s safety that we did not have years ago, and how often do we project those fears onto our children?  And these fears are not restrained to safety.  Many of our other fears are picked up by our kids too.

My aim is to help them realise that fear is just a perception and perceptions can change.  To help them be aware of their fears, acknowledge them and then let go of the ones that do not serve them. (we still need them to be mindful of preservation fears like “do not speak to strangers” etc)

In Psychoanalytic terms, Honey is the Higher Self.  Our ego’s are formed by the time we are 5 -7 if I recall and our ego talks to us all the time.  It’s that little voice in your head.  And if you just said to yourself “What voice?” That’s the voice I mean.  It ‘talks’ to us all the time without us even realising it.  And it operates from our belief systems that we gain through our experiences of the world.

So if our children’s experiences have led to beliefs about themselves with regards to their confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, fears etc these are the beliefs they will ‘operate’ from throughout their lives.  And these beliefs are formed from so many places: Us, their parents; the rest of the family; their teachers; friends and even strangers that they interact with.

My aim is to provide them with life skills that will enable and empower them in dealing with what the world will throw at them.  For the ‘little voice’ to be equipped with confidence and self-esteem so it knows just how special it is.

© 2009 Camilla Hazell

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